My Biggest Dream

New York I'll come there :)
New York, I’ll come there! 🙂

No Dreams No Changing!

Yeah why must dreams? Dreams are the thing that can make big surprise in our life. Of course if we seek them seriously. This is my simple words. Going arround the world is my biggest dreams someday. Seeing unique phenomenas in other country always makes me amazed. So inspire!

One of countries I most want to visit is United States. Especially New York. I’ll make some house there for my family. Even I’ll be a member of council in United Nation Organization. Woow so fabulous! Oh New York! The one place where the Liberty Statue is placed. Ranks of skyscrapers building is very much amazing, moreover in winter. Snows’ll be seen so much beautiful scenery in my eyes. I am really want to go there to meet aboriginals 🙂 (impossible). After New York, the next is Boston that I’ll take studying in that college and make some research with many great people. Washington DC (to meet Obama and visit NASA 🙂 ), New Jersey, Los Angeles (to meet famous artists), California, New Orleans, Las Vegas are also I wanna reach. Then is Nevada, the largely desert and semiarid and I wanna touch the sand :). Hahaha I also wanna visit Pentagon where the United States Department of Defense located. Yes right, also Florida to seeing how the rocket is launched. Hmm.. seem so pleased to imagine it. I type it wishfully. I wish this will become true someday so I can invite you to go there with me 🙂 amen..


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